Cranberry Citrus Salad

In a recent jaunt through the produce department, I came across a bag of cranberries. I have never liked cranberry sauce, cranberry jell-o, or any dish that has ever graced the table at Thanksgiving or Christmas with cranberries in it. So fresh cranberries have never made it to my grocery basket. Until this fateful day when I saw that a whole bag was $0.45. I can’t pass up a deal to save my life, so into the basket they went. When I got home, I stared down this cranberry bag. It stared right back, mocking me and my impulse buy.   

Google did not help me much. Spin-offs of holiday cranberry dishes didn’t seem appropriate in mid-January, and I wasn’t in the baking mood, so the cranberry bag sat forlorn in the fridge for a couple of days, taunting me with its existence. Until the Eureka! moment happened, and this fresh citrus salad was born! Sweet oranges and tart grapefruit serve as the base for these cranberry gems. Tossed together with some lime juice, and it is one of the best fruit salads around. I had some leftover and tossed in some (uncooked) rolled oats for breakfast and thought I was in heaven. There is so much more to this berry than cranberry sauce and baked goods. Watch out bag of cranberries – there’s more in store for you!


Cranberry Citrus Salad

1 Naval orange, cut into bite-sized pieces*

1 Grapefruit, cut into bite-sized pieces*

1c. fresh cranberries

Juice from 1 lime (~1T.)

Sugar (optional)



*Tip* to prepare citrus fruit: The easiest way to do this is to lob off the ends of the fruit, then cut the peel off following the contour of the fruit. Then just cut it into bite-sized pieces like you would an apple.

1) Toss all ingredients into a bowl

2) Cover with saran wrap, and let rest in the fridge until ready to use


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