Daunting Dosa’s

Flush with my success with Injera, I decided to tackle Dosa’s. My kitchen is no stranger to roti, na’an, or variations thereof, and all attempts have been very successful. So how hard could dosa’s be?

Pretty hard, apparently.

After copious amounts of Internet research (really, what did cooks do before the Internet?) I found a recipe that seemed to be the most straightforward while maintaining the ‘realness’ of the dosa (no North American copies here, folks!). Plus it was handily titled: The Perfect Dosa. How could I go wrong? …

Well, the process is very similar to injera. First you soak the rice and daal, then you blend it to a liquid in a food processor. I was shocked to learn that you really can get fluffy marshmallow texture from daal! Then you mix the two fluffy-mixtures together. Mine looked like this:

Who knew you could get fluffy marshmallow texture from soaked rice and daal?

The instructions went to great length as to how long you had to ferment the rice and daal mixture, including instructions of how to do it in the oven if you lived in a cold climate! Well, *I* thought it was gorgeous outside and not cold at all, but hazarding a guess that most people would find Canada in late March a ‘cold’ climate, I fermented the mixture for 24h, almost double recommended, just to be safe. It definitely doubled in volume! It also made the kitchen smell pleasantly fragrant. Not like beer, as with injera, but something home-y and familiar.

Dosa mixture, post 24h ferment

So far, so good. But then came the tricky part – cooking them. Every dosa I have had in Sri Lankan restaurants have been ginormous, crepe-thin, and nice and crispy. My dosas were none of these. Mine ended up being the consistency of a crepe-pancake, as big as my biggest fry pan (roughly 12cm in diameter), and definitely not crispy! I ended up cooking it like the lovechild of injera and a pancake to get the flatbread crispy enough to serve. They definitely don’t look pretty, and almost defeated me. But they taste amazing! And they serve their purpose for scooping delicious curries, so it wasn’t a complete fail.

What they lacked for in presentation they made up for in taste!

But I did not achieve the ‘Perfect Dosa’. More practice may be required … or maybe I’ll stick to my roti and leave the dosa’s to the experts. šŸ™‚


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