Thai Pumpkin Soup

Comfort in a bowl – Thai style!

I was making room in my freezer for the anticipated CSA harvest, and found a lone freezer bag of diced pumpkin shoved forgotten in the corner. Right beside it was my prepared lemongrass, and I knew exactly what I needed to cook. Thai Pumpkin Soup. No matter that it was 26 degrees outside, soup was what was calling my name!

This soup is another recipe that turned my tofu-hating family into tofu-tolerating. I brought it to a family gathering in a Crock Pot once, counting on the fact that my family of picky eaters wouldn’t touch an orange soup with green things floating and to*FAU* (insert wrinkly nose here) with a 10-foot pole, but it got slurped up well before the other offerings! No leftovers for me … This soup is warm, hearty, and will cure whatever ails you. The lemongrass and ginger are excellent for fighting the winter blahs (if it is winter outside), and the spice level can be adjusted to taste with the addition of fresh chili peppers. The pumpkin is easily substituted for acorn squash or butternut squash, or that lone bag of squash hanging out in your freezer! Like most soups, it tastes even better the next day warmed up, and freezes wonderfully. You can serve it with vermicelli or rice, but I like to eat it as is.

The recipe can be found here: Thai Pumpkin Soup. So clean out your freezer, embrace that lone bag of pumpkin, and delight your taste-buds in this super easy, super tasty, soul-satisfying soup!


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