Lentil Stew with Millet-Almond Pilaf

Another genius recipe from Eric Tucker and his Millennium Cookbook. The full recipe is found on pg. 120, and is called “Lentil Stew with Millet-Almond Pilaf and Millet Crepes”. I have learned my lesson regarding crepes during previous attempts at buckwheat crepes, and more recently at my misshaped (but tasty!) dosa attempt. This did not stop me from trying this delicious recipe. This was also my first experience with millet, and it is now in the ranks of quinoa in my eyes. A staple.

Millet is like quinoa, but remains somewhat firm and slightly crunchy even when fully cooked. The texture is welcome – I am not a fan of mush. It contrasts nicely with the lentils in the stew, and absorbs the stew flavour even better than rice would. In fact, leftovers are almost better than the fresh dish – a quick warm up in the microwave and it’s like the stew is made anew, but marinated! The stew itself is based on Ethiopian flavours, and makes use of Berber. I had some extra from Papa Tofu, and used that instead of the Millennium spice blend. The results were delicious! I don’t know if they have eggplant and plantains in Ethiopia, but they are gorgeous in this lentil stew. The plantains add a different texture to the stew deepening the flavour profile. Subtly spicy, it is a warming spice instead of a heat/spicy hot. As always, eggplant adds a nice meaty texture to the stew, absorbing all the lovely flavour and adding a toothsome texture. Do not be daunted by the number of steps to the recipe or of all the components – all in it took me less than an hour to pull the dish together, and I am one of the slowest prep cooks you will ever find! And as always, cooking from this book makes me feel like I belong on Top Chef Canada or at the very least a ticket to a cocktail party with Marcus Sameulsson.

This recipe can be found on page 120 of the Millennium Cookbook, which if you scroll ~2/3 of the way down can be found here on Google Book Previews. I highly recommend this recipe for your next weekend meal – either for yourself in your sweats or for company in your LBD, it’s sure to impress everyone!


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