Mujadara – Lentils and Rice

How can something so simple be so delicious? So delicious in fact, it disappeared before a picture could be taken!

Inspired by my Kushari recipe, I recently found myself craving lentils and rice. The parameters of Kushari (multiple pots, more than 45min to cook) however did not apply: I wanted food, and I wanted it fast. The solution was this lentil and rice dish which was so simple I almost feel like writing about it is redundant. Words cannot describe how delicious this is! Packed with protein and carbohydrates it’ll keep you full for hours. Think of the lentils and rice as a canvas for your seasonings de jour: vinegar and red pepper flakes for the Kushari feel, thyme and rosemary for an Italian take, cumin/curry powder and turmeric for an Indian flair – whatever your spice cabinet is telling you!

This dish can be prepared in less than 30min, and requires minimal supervision. If you’re feeling fancy, sauté some onions and garlic in the pot before adding the rice and lentils. Else sit back and be amazed at this brilliant weekday dish full of flavour! And did I mention that the total dishes required are one pot, a measuring cup, and a spoon?

Lentils and Rice

½ cup green, brown, or French lentils
½ cup brown rice (Note: white rice, quinoa, millet, or buckwheat could be substituted as they have similar cooking times)
4½ cups water (Measured using the dry ½ cup measuring cup)
Seasonings of choice (anything goes!)

1) In large saucepan, add all ingredients. Stir to prevent rice from clumping.
2) Cover and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer and cook until lentils and rice al dente and water absorbed, ~30min.
3) Optional: Stir occasionally while simmering**
4) Remove from heat and let sit covered for 5min before serving.

**I have frequently over/under-cooked, burned, turned to mush, and basically ruined lentils and grains more than once. I also overflow the pot frequently, and thus opt for the biggest my kitchen has to offer. Thus I am a nervous lentil-and-rice cooker, and the stirring solved all these problems! If you’re an old pro, you can skip this step.


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