Engineer by day, culinary explorer by night. I could spend hours at a farmer’s market or any ethnic grocery store, marveling at the produce and foodstuffs and rarely getting what is on my list. Nothing makes me happier than picking up random ingredients and spices and experimenting in the kitchen. One of the best things that happened to my culinary talents was moving to small-town, meat-and-potatoes corn belt USA. There were no ethnic markets or restaurants (save for two sub-standard Indian restaurants) within a 200 mile radius. So if I wanted chana masala or spring vegetable tagine, I was going to have to make it. I have since moved back to Canada, and with countless markets within 10km, the culinary expeditions are only limited by my kitchen space!


‘Vegan’ is still a label with negative connotations for most people. Which is unfortunate – a lot of the world’s indigenous fare is vegan by nature, without labeling it as such. I firmly believe in subtle food activism – to show people how delicious healthy, allergen-sensitive (for those with gluten, soy, nut, or lactose sensitivities), sustainable food can be without beating them over the head with the “vegan stick”. What better way to do so than introducing exciting new dishes and spices that expand your culinary horizons? People’s perspective and attitudes will change if the food is delicious. The way to people’s hearts and minds is through their stomach. So enough chit-chat – let’s cook!

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